How To Detect Virus In Computer

Virus! What is the virus? Well to begin with there are two types of virus, one that attacks living things another that attacks computers. Here we will be talking about viruses that attack computers. So a computer virus is a piece code which has the ability to copy itself and typically has harmful effects on your system, such as corrupting valuable data or destroying your system.

Generally, when you hear the name virus the first thing that comes to mind is the term “Antivirus”. Antiviruses are also a piece of code that helps you to fight or get rid of the viruses and its problems. So what you do is you scan your system with an antivirus to get rid of the virus and the antivirus shows that it has cleaned your system of any virus present. But does the virus actually get removed?

Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t. So how do we know whether it’s removed or not? What you need to do is reboot your system and run the antivirus to scan your system again. Now if it shows that there is no virus, then you can be sure that the antivirus has cleaned your system.

But what if comes a time when you are not able to run your antivirus? What would you do then? You will probably think that there is no other way to fix your problem. But let me tell you that you are wrong!. Yes! You heard it right, there are ways to detect whether there is any virus on your system or not even without any antivirus. So below there are a few ways about how you can detect any virus in your system.

Detection of Virus:-

Step 1:

One of the best ways to detect a virus on your computer is to go to your Task Manager(Ctrl + Alt + Del), then go to Performance. There you will see that the CPU usage is low but the memory usage is quite high.Virus In Computer

Step 2:

 Another way of knowing whether it has any virus or not is checking how much time your computer takes to Boot. If it takes too long to boot, then it’s the presence of a virus making the startup process slow.

Step 3:

We can also detect virus by looking at our Modem Lights. So first you have to check whether you have any program running or not. If you don’t have any and the modem is indicating that data is being transmitted, then the virus is the cause.

Taking Care of the Infection:

Step 1:

  1. Well the best and easiest option is to use your Antivirus to get rid of the virus. There are a lot of good antiviruses that help you to get rid of the Viruses, such are Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast, AVG and many more. You just have to Open your Antivirus and Press ScanNow.

Step 2:

As I’ve mentioned before if you are not able to use your Antivirus and your system is in very bad shape. What would you do? Well the best solution at that moment would be to boot your system in Safe Mode. For doing that you need to restart your and press F8 button as many times needed until the Advanced Boot Menu appears.

Step 3:

If everything fails, then the final option is Reinstallinng your Operating System. Without that the virus would keep corrupting your valuable data. 

Well these are a few ways of detecting and then getting rid of virus from your system. You will find a lot of different methods all over the internet. But make sure to try these out before you try any other process. So did you find the answers you were looking for in this article? If not, then please let us know how we can help you by commenting below. We will try to solve your problems ASAP!

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