How to Hide Apps on Android Devices without Root

The users of android phone of these modern days really wanted something different; they look for the better features more than the capability of their Android mobile phones. Users of Android mobile phone are looking for some special apps which can really be helpful for them or apps which can fulfil their desire, but hiding apps without being getting rooted has become the most important issue among them.

AS we all know, we all wanted to hide some application which are personal to us and which are not to be share with other’s people or we don’t wanted to share it.   Android is providing a good process to hide such kind of application or apps on its devices without getting rooted. As the developers of Android devices are continuously working regarding this issue they had form an excellent solution regarding this issue and has made it possible even without being getting rooted. The thing is you have to know the trick to hide such kind of apps or application without getting rooted.

Today through this article I will let you know more about Hiding Apps on Android Devices without being getting rooted.

How to hide an app without being getting rooted, in android devices:

  • At the First point of time the thing you need to do is, you would have to install an app name Smart App Protector. You can download this app from the play store.
  • Download this app and you will be able to review the apps which are offered within your android phone, now choose the apps which are offer within it and use them to hide for you.
  • Remember the app name Smart App Protector which you have install before can possibly transform according to what kind of you have install other than the running of app.
  • You can use different app for the purpose of hiding application although as the mention app usually has the ability to defend the apps which you are using to hide even though if you are accruing with various password locks.
  • It is totally a secure app by which you can hide various apps using it. if you are not sure that it is an good app to hide the apps within it then you can also invest on it first whether it is secure or not .when it will be downloaded you would be required to set a password for the apps which you have been selected to defend them.
  • Lastly you can also set a text messages for the displaying which was stopped by your android phone due to your bad luck.

These are the few steps through which you can hide without being getting rooted and these steps are really excellent in dealing with such kind of hiding issue. This step for hiding apps for your android phone is really one of the best steps for such kind of problem, people who are looking to hide their important and screat application can use these useful steps to deals within it.

I hope so, after reading this article you know the fact of it , and how to deal with it.