How to Hide Seen Facebook Chat/Messages

All most all the young people of this modern world are interested to chat/messages through Facebook being attached with Facebook they really feel good when someone special text to them through it or like on their photos with special comment, for this type of special screat comment and like they wanted to store or hide somewhere in the safe files because this type of text messages really mean something personal to them, so they might like to hide such kind of text messages.

Are you among one of them, who looks for hiding your special chat/messages of Facebook. If you are among one of them then you don’t need to worry as I will let you know more about hiding seen facebook chat/messages within this Article, regarding the particular topic.

Here are few tricks which you may use to hide your seen chat/messages of Facebook

Trick no 1- Trick to hide seen Facebook chat/ messages automatically.

Important thing to remember- Keep in mind the below tricks given, will be allowed to use, no more than on the web version for same device.

Trick no 1.1- To use this trick for hiding seen text chat/messages automatically you would have to install the apps like (+ Add to Firefox or else + Add to Chrome)

Trick no 1.2- Select one of app among the two apps which you want to go with and install according to what kind of browsers you prefer to use.

Trick no 1.3- AS you have installed one of the apps among the two different apps given above, now you will suggest to start again with of what browser you have used.

Trick no 1.4- After starting again with the browsers which you have used, at this certain moment using the browsers, login the account of your facebook; this will not let your friends, be possible to see the seen chat/messages.

Trick no 2- Trick of studying, lacking the chat of facebook.

You might know this trick or method as this trick is among the easiest trick and almost everyone knows how to deal with it, but if you are still unknown to this method you can utilise the idea about it by going through it.

Trick no2.1- If your idea is not to install extension then you can go for it through the option provided manually.

Trick no2.2- To go for it when any of your friends or any of your contact is texting to you just simply enters in the inbox; read the text send by your friends than you would have to click to mark as unread option.

Trick no 2.3- Lastly for each and every single person whom you like to hide your seen option infront of them for this particular region you will have to click on the mark as unread option each and every period when you will finish in reading the text send by them.

This are few ideas of hiding your seen chat/messages on your facebook this ideas or trick really work cool for the particular region of hiding purposes. You can really had your great time using this few trick in hiding your text chat/messages on your facebook.

See every particular person wanted to hide their text chat/messages on their facebook due to certain region like due to special text messages and others, which they don’t want to share with all the people because sharing such kind of messages can harm him/her in their personal life in any way.

So if you are looking to hide such kind of special or secret text related to you on your facebook you can try this few method or tricks of hiding your chat/messages on facebook and believe me you can really hide chat messages of your facebook using this tricks.

I hope so after reading this article you would understand about the above written tricks of hiding your chat/messages of your facebook.