How To Hide Whatsapp Images & Videos From Gallery

Smartphone is one of the most used Gadgets in this digital World. With the increase of Smartphone and iPhone users it became very easy to remain connected with your friends with some renowned social platform such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter ,hike and many more. Today generation is addicted to those social platform. All types of messenger app are easily available for free on Google app store and on App store. Whatsapp which  owned by Tec giant of today’s revolution “Facebook”, for its free video calling and chatting facility it is the most popular  messaging app used to remain connected to your friends. It is used widely by today’s generation. Through this app you can send image, media to your friends. It totally had reduced the cost of your phone bill.

When you download any media files from Whatsapp is automatically get stored on your Android gallery. Some media files which received might be private, but anyone can see those files inside your Android gallery. You may required to restrict anybody to see those private media files. Everybody have a naughty friends in your friend circle. You may thinking how to hide those media files from those nosy friends. Now Whatsapp has became more personal, more than a messaging app. If you lock your Whatsapp and your android gallery it generally raise eyebrows of your naughty friends, so it’s really a frustrating. So friends don’t need to be frustrated, today I am providing all ways or path to hide your private image and video from your nosy friends.

  1. You need a file manager app in your SD card to get access your Whatsapp directory. If you don’t have it still, download a file manager app from your Google app store. Some file explorer application are ES file explorer, total commander etc.
  2. Open your file manager to find your whatsapp folder. Go by Home->SD card->Whatsapp ->Media.
  3. Inside the media folder there is a folder named Whatsapp image. Click to open it.
  4. Rename the name of the folder by “.WhatsApp Images”.

Or  Try this same in other way

Inside WhatsApp Images folder create a new folder and named it “.nomedia”.

  1. Now open your Android Gallery and you will not able to see the Whatsapp folder, It’s Invisible. If still it is available there then you have to clear all cache for Apps in your handset by simple steps- Setting-> App manager ->Clear cache .
  2. Turn off your hidden file option.
  3. To hide your Whatsapp Videos you have to follow above steps. simply create a “.nomedia “folder in your WhatsApp Video folder.


You might have a question in your mind -How can I bring back my invisible folder?

For this you simply have to remove the period sign (.) from the folder name. If you do not able to see the WhatsApp Image folder  in your Android Gallery then simply you have to turn ON your “Show hidden files option”.

Now it’s for iPhone User.

      For Apple user  to hide your Whatsapp images and videos in your Gallery, is very simple you can do it with few clicks. Go to your settings, click your privacy option then click photos and uncheck WhatsApp .

However, here I had covers all the ways to hide your WhatsApp Images and Videos from your Android gallery as well as from iPhone gallery. If you have something different apart from these then you can share with us. We will be glad to have your experience to remain updated. Thanks for reading this article. I will be back soon with another interesting article So please be in touch.