How to Increase IDM Download Speed

Now a day’s, the process of downloading through internet has really become popular all over the world and many people love to download through this downloading process. Internet Download Manager is among one of the excellent downloading system this downloading system has a faster speed that can produce ever. This Internet Downloading Manager is developed excellently by its developer, which would enable you to increase your downloading speed by up to five times.

But sometime we even want our downloading system to be faster due to certain region, during that certain period of time; you can increase the speed of your downloading system to complete within shorter period of time, what you need to do is you will have to tweak on the software’s configuration to bring more speed on your downloading system.

Today here in this article, we will know more about how to increase IDM Download Speed.

Here are the steps to increase your downloading speed using IDM.

1- Specify the setting of your IDM connection- Are you, among those users who are using the connection of broadband on your internet system, than do try to select the type of connection like high-bandwidth as given in the option.

  1. Enlarge the ‘’Default max.conn.number.’’- TO enlarge ‘’Default max.conn.number.’’ firstly unlocked the Internet Download Manager excel than go to the menu where you would be provided with option, now you will have to just click to the connection and enter to new ‘tab, where you would be able to transform the ‘’Default max.conn.number’’ Transform the digit from 8 to 16 than the final step is to click on ‘’OK’’. Than the ‘’Default max.conn.number.’’ will be enlarge or increase.
  2. Disabbled your ‘speed limiter’’- To disabled your speed limiter firstly open your Internet download manager excel than shift to the menu bar where you would be able to enter on the Download menu now tap on the ‘’speed limiter’’ and lastly click on the (Turn off) to disabled your ‘’speed limiter.’’
  3. Clear up the space. To clear up the space what you need to do is delete the item that you have downloaded before or which you have already seen, through Internet Download Manager. By deleting the downloaded items from it, your downloading system will get maximum of clear space.
  4. Exist different application- Different application can be downloaded at the certain period of time when you are downloading the application which you want, as they can effect on your downloading system as they usually used to be connected to your internet system. So why to open this kind of unwanted application, as we can get a better result and speed by existing them to our downloading system by IDM.By existing the apps from Pc your RAM can be used by IDM for a while.
  5. Downloading all the Schedule- downloading the entire schedule will definitely progressed to lessen your online system. This downloading process will bring more speed on your downloading item during the time of night.

These are steps that you can use to increase the speed of the Internet Download Manager. See we often wanted our downloading system to speed up due to certain region and mainly to manage our time. and most of people like to download the downloaded item within a short period of time because they don’t wanted to get bordered during the downloading period and as we all know taking much longer time while downloading can make us boarded or stressed us.

So, downloading through Internet download manager you don’t need to get worried much about such silly problems. As it has got that ability to get you rid of that problem as I had mention because internet downloading manager has an excellent process to bring speed on your downloading process.

I hope so; you will understand how to increase IDM downloaded speed after reading this article.