How to permanently delete Kik account online

Kik messenger is one of the best messengers when it comes to messaging services. Kik messaging service is available for both android and iOS platforms. Many times we want to delete our kik account, but don’t know the procedure of deleting it. Here you will get all the possible ways of how to permanently kik account online. Deleting your kik account online is not a tough job; all you need is to know the procedure.

kik messenger

Most of the people like kik messenger for its easy installation and the great user interface. Apart from that you can register yourself very quickly on this messenger. Probably that’s the reason why this messenger got more than 200 million users worldwide. But people easily get irritated because of the spam messages of this app and want to delete their account permanently. If you are also looking the way out for deleting your account then you can do it by following these steps.

How to permanently delete your kik account

Many people think uninstalling or deleting the app from the device will delete everything. But this is wrong. You may think why you need to delete your account permanently? The reason is if you don’t delete the account permanently then you will keep receiving spam messages and if you don’t want to use this app in future then there is no point of leaving your personal information which is accessible by others. You can delete this app permanently either by using your smartphone or by using a computer. Here you will get both the procedure of delete your account permanently.

Deleting using phone

To delete your kik account from your phone, first you need to open the app on your device. There you will find settings, open it. There you will find ‘reset kik messenger’ option, tap on that and a confirmation window will pop up, you need to select yes there. You have to put your email address which you used initially while registering this app. Once you will select it, it will delete all your messages and app history permanently and you won’t be able to use this app in future unless you register again.

Deleting using computer

If you want to deactivate your kik using your computer, you need to open your browser first and go to There you will find a box where you have to put your email id and fill the required fields. Once it is done after that you need to press the big ‘go’ option. Kik will send you a message on your registered email ID. You need to open your mail and follow the link/procedure to permanently delete your kik account.

Why to delete your kik account?

May be Kik messenger is better than many other instant messengers but this app had many negative sides too which will force you to think is it right or not to keep this app on your device. The main disadvantages of this app are

  • Kik consumes comparatively more data and memory to other instant messaging apps.  
  • You may get fed up of anonymous attack on this app.
  • The main drawback is this app exposes adult contents to everyone.
  • Most of the kik users use foul and abusive language.
  • You will get lots of spam messages in this app.

What will happen when you will permanently delete kik

Once you will deactivate your kik account, you won’t receive any message or emails from kik. People, who use kik, won’t be able to message you on kik and will remove you from everyone’s kik contact list. All your data will be lost and removed permanently.

It is recommended to clear all the cache when you are done with the deactivating process. If there is any data pertaining on your kik account, you must remove it before you delete your account as it will save your device space.

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Many valid reasons are there to delete this app and hope now you understood how to permanently delete kik account online. After deleting kik don’t forget to delete the obsolete APK from your device if you don’t want to use this app again. In case of deleting your account using computer, if you don’t get the confirmation mail in inbox, check the spam folder. You can easily delete your account by following the above mentioned methods.

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