How to Remove Write Protection from USB Pendrive

USB Pendrive is a small portable storage device that owns by many people nowadays. As we all know that with this device we can transfer files from one device to another. There are various types of USB Pendrive with different brands containing 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. But sometime Pendrive used to stop working for several problems. Sometimes it happens for virus and also due to write protection in Pendrive it happens most of the time. If a Pendrive is write protected you can’t format or either copy the files of that USB Pendrive. As write protected let the Pendrive to keep the files from changing, you will obviously feel very tense for that problem. I have solutions for all and so today here in this post I am going to share with you all how to remove write protection fromUSB Pendrive.So you don’t have worry because there are many methods which you will able to remove write protection and format your Pendrive.

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remove write protection of pendrive

 Steps to remove write protection of Pendrive:

Follow the below steps carefully and remove the write protection from the Pendrive.

  • Firstly, check out whether it is “lock or unlock”.After that you should shut down the computer and again insert the Pendrive again in the USB port.
  • You can on your computer and press <F8> immediately to start “Advance Boot”.
  • Now, it will automatically appear on the screen and start Booting.
  • In here, you have to click in “Safe Mode” with the Command Quick.
  • Now if you finish loading your files and if your drive shows some letter as <H>
  • Then just for example you should write like this C; windows-system43/H and continually press the “Enter” key,
  • Just for an example you should type in this way <H>: format <H> and press the “Enter” key.
  • Now <YES>or<NO> selection will appear on your screen and click on <YES> option.
  • So, it will now start formatting your USB Pendrive and also will automatically remove the write protection.
  • And one more thing you should remind that before removing your USB storage device, “Eject” it.
  • Just click on “My computer” and after that right click on your mouse in USB and again click in “Eject” that’s all you have to do for the safety of your USB Device.

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Removing write protected USB drives by using the <Regedit>.exe

  • Firstly, you have to click twice in the write protected assessment on right-hand panel using <Regedit>.exe.
  • After that, you have to change the assessment records taking from 1-O.
  • Now, just click “OK” in order to save the assessment data which you have change.
  • And you can close up the <Regedit>.exe.
  • Now you can shut down and restart again your computer.
  • You can put your Pendrive in the USB port and just see it will remove the write protected from your USB.

Here I have shared two different ways to remove write protected on Pendrive. Both these two methods work well in fixing this issue. Try any of the above methods but if in case you faced some problem then drop your query in the below comment box.